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Adoption Swaption is a ministry of Open Door Baptist Church, and was founded in 2018. It was started by two dedicated foster and adoptive moms to support other families in like situations.


The goal for Adoption Swaption is to meet the spiritual and tangible needs of Foster, Adoptive, Custodial and Kinship Families in Central PA. We maintain a building filled with clothing, shoes, toys, diapers, formula, toiletries, school supplies and more for families to shop free of charge to meet their immediate and ongoing needs.


We offer biblical counseling, a Bible study, support for new placements and post adoption care. We use a Sign Up Genius platform to allows families to meet with volunteers to shop for items. This is 100% community and volunteer funded. Families are never charged for anything at Adoption Swaption.

For many families, the desire to foster or adopt more children is strong, but the financial restraints of doing so are increasingly restrictive and often are sadly prohibitive.

Our Mission

To assist foster and adoptive families with the physical needs of clothing, equipment, and shoes while encouraging relationships between non-fostering or adoptive families with families who have or are fostering and adopting.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We have found that many in our communities are willing to help fill in the many needs, if those community members are made aware of the needs and presented with ways to fill them. So, that's what we seek to do! Provide a forum for sharing needs - from hot water heater repair to diapers - the needs of foster and adoptive families are great and small and constantly changing!

We Need Your Support Today!

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