Adoption Swaption is a foster closet located in Lebanon County serving foster and adoptive families. Our goal is to provide items of necessity quickly for new foster placements, as well as be a place of ongoing support to the whole family.

We currently have a building and storage unit that are organized. We have clothing, shoes, bedding, car seats, cribs, toys, play pens, walkers, high chairs, bedding and so much more! We also hold a few “Swap Events” throughout the year for trading days. We rely on volunteers and are a Non-Profit under the ministry of Open Door Baptist Church.


We also like to create relationships between foster and adoptive families. This includes dinners, activities and an online support group. It is so nice for kids adopted through the CYS system to make connections with peers who have similar backgrounds.

For many families, the desire to foster or adopt more children is strong, but the financial restraints of doing so are increasingly restrictive and often are sadly prohibitive.

Our Mission

To assist foster and adoptive families with the physical needs of clothing, equipment, and shoes while encouraging relationships between non-fostering or adoptive families with families who have or are fostering and adopting.


Our Vision

We have found that many in our communities are willing to help fill in the many needs, if those community members are made aware of the needs and presented with ways to fill them. So, that's what we seek to do! Provide a forum for sharing needs - from hot water heater repair to diapers - the needs of foster and adoptive families are great and small and constantly changing!

We Need Your Support Today!


was created by two moms who see the need for a Community Resource to support foster adoptive families.

Email: adoptionswaption@yahoo.com

Phone: (717) 269-3332

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