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At my church Life Group, we have been challenged to speak up about when God is “real” to us. It’s encouraging on Wednesday nights to hear friends share of how they saw God work, but as I was sitting here tonight, thinking back on the day, I just have to share how Adoption Swaption allows me to see God in such a real way.

Last week, Billie helped several children who were being moved get new (to them) fall wardrobes - no doubt, their world has been turned upside down, and honestly, there is no telling when things will seem right side up for them. But today, today because of donors and volunteers listening to that still, small voice, some burdens were shared. They were eased. They were lifted. I love this place. It’s a physical reminder that God is in the details. That He cares about kids who need a lot of extra love and attention and about the siblings and parents who are standing in the gap to give it to them.

If you have gently used items that adoptive or foster families could use, let us know. Shoes, coats, jeans - you name it we can probably find a great kid that can use them!

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