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Twenty-one families. Twenty-one. Thank you, God, for choosing to use us even when we fail you constantly! Thank you for a friend who is passionately driven to fulfill her calling (Billie Johnson), thank you for a church that fosters our vision (Open Door Baptist), thank you for a community that has POURED thousands and thousands of beautiful items into our donation shed, thank you for friends who sort hundreds of articles of clothing every week, thank you for foster and adoptive families who are saying “yes” to one, two, three, or four more children, thank you for a brother-in-law that thinks on his feet and can fix ANYTHING (Nate), thank you for husbands who put up with wacko wives and tell us we can do it and that we should dream bigger all while they take on extra hours to pay for “all the things” and cut back on what they had planned to do with their resources, thank you for letting my kids physically give items to others with excitement and understanding of how God is working, thank you for the middle aged moms - they bring us hangers, buy brand new toys, send us books, show up with storage bins, and tell us “it’s going to be okay” when things don’t go as planned.

Adoption Swaption wiped me out the last two days. I’m spent, done, exhausted. I’m happy. Blessed. Overwhelmed (in a good way).

So, who wants to make dinner, bathe four kids, pack for tomorrow, wrap birthday presents, prep birthday foods, and practice AWANA verses? 📷😝

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